Why Rahul Gandhi can never become Prime Minister

I would like you to watch two videos in this blog post. The first video is about 11 minutes and stars Dr Subramanian Swamy and the second is about 4 minutes starring PM Modi. It is worth watching both but in case you do not have time here is a brief synopsis of the videos.

Dr Swami says that:

  1. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi wanted to become Prime Minister in 2004 but was unable to do so because of a proviso in the Citizenship Act. This proviso was pointed out to the then President, Dr Abdul Kalam by Dr Swamy.
  2. Rahul Gandhi has a cocaine habit.
  3. Rahul Gandhi is a citizen of Italy and has never renounced his citizenship. Hence he cannot become PM or even an MP of the Lok Sabha.

Here is the link to this explosive video on Youtube

The second video implies that the media is biased and nor reporting the facts relating to the various scams against both the family and the ruling BJP dispensation. PM Narendra Modi makes clear the bias against the NDA and the conspiracy of silence with which the allegations against the Gandhi family have been treated.

Obviously I have not independently verified the claims made in the two videos but both PM Modi and Dr Swami know that the eyes of the whole world are on them and will therefore not make exaggerated or completely false claims.

It is also true that these allegations have not been denied by the Gandhi family as far as I know. If the charges made against them over here are false then what is preventing them from issuing a denial especially when the charges are so grave in nature.

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