The Mahatma’s legacy misunderstood

I want to make the point in this blog that Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy, teachings and example were misunderstood and misused by sentimental do gooders in India. Much of the time post independence has been wasted. The country has failed to develop and whole generations of Indians have wasted their lives because nobody did some clear […]

Disasters can help you. Here’s How

I first read Emerson’s essay of Compensation as a teenager. In those days I wanted to be a millionaire (it was the 1970s and being a millionaire in dollar terms was to be very rich). I bought some books by Napoleon Hill and read them. And Napoleon Hill introduced me to Emerson. Specifically Ralph Waldo […]

Jesus Christ Criticized

I was influenced, when I was young, by Bertrand Russell’s classic book Why I am not a Christian. Link is below: Russell acknowledged that Christ was good and wise although he preferred the Buddha and Socrates over him. But Russell also criticized Christ as portrayed in the New Testament. One of the passages containing […]