Succeeding in the Markets and in Business

I have a plan for you to (almost) make sure of profits when you are investing in the Stock Markets. But be warned – this advice is coming from a person who quit the Markets more than 10 years ago and who is flat broke. So how can I expect to guide you to profits […]

The Difficulty of being Good

One of the principle tenets of the Bible and Christianity is not resisting evil and turning the other cheek if someone strikes you. Yet how many people – including those who call themselves good Christians – even try to live up to this ideal. It is an impossibly high standard in ethics. The difficulty may […]

On the inevitability of war – Some thoughts by Aldous Huxley

In this article I would like to briefly describe the causes of war according to Aldous Huxley – the British philosopher. Huxley was profoundly influenced by Eastern Philosophy and the teachings of Christianity. According to him – “Our present economic, social and international arrangements are based, on large measure, upon organised lovelessness.” According to Huxley […]