Dealing with the Chaos on the Roads

A friend of mine asked me to write an article on how people don’t obey traffic rules and the risks these people pose to innocent pedestrians. Scooterists and others don’t obey traffic signals and a lot of them are busy on the phone when they are commuting. My friend spoke about how people like pregnant […]

The Appropriate Response to Fanaticism

This is going to be a short article as whatever I have to say has, I think, been said by two of the greatest philosophers of history. The question is – Should fanaticism be opposed with fanaticism or should it be opposed through democratic means? In India, in the decades past, there was a tit […]

On Being Militant – Some Comments

I am almost 60 years old and I have lived through the times when many supposedly creative ways were mooted to deal with the fact that the criminal justice system in India does not work properly.  For example there was the example of the (then) Shiv Sena chief Balasaheb Thackeray exhorting Hindus in general and […]

Dealing with Corruption – Some Comments

My aim in this article is to appeal to the self interest of people in power (whether in politics, administration, police or the armed forces) and convince them that it is in their own best interest to reduce corruption and keep it to a minimum. I’ll start by saying that if the criminal justice system […]