A Revolutionary Philosophical Concept

I have been taking an interest in philosophy, spirituality and meditation for some years now. But only recently in all my reading did I come across a concept which is as revolutionary as it is basic.  The concept is – drumroll please – Self Mortification. The middle class upbringing that most of us have had […]

On the inevitability of war – Some thoughts by Aldous Huxley

In this article I would like to briefly describe the causes of war according to Aldous Huxley – the British philosopher. Huxley was profoundly influenced by Eastern Philosophy and the teachings of Christianity. According to him – “Our present economic, social and international arrangements are based, on large measure, upon organised lovelessness.” According to Huxley […]

Some thoughts on dealing with China

This article will attempt to describe Chinese priorities as far as diplomacy and realpolitik is concerned, as best I understand them. Understanding of these priorities will enable India and the world governments to frame an appropriate response. I must start by saying that I am not an expert and I will be happy to stand […]