Priorities in Afghanistan

This article will give my views regarding what the priorities of the authorities should be regarding Afghanistan. The authorities include the Taliban, the Northern Alliance and governments of other nations. The first priority is to avoid anarchy in the nation of Afghanistan. There is an Arabic saying that states – A day of anarchy is […]

The Devil’s advocate or crying wolf? You decide

In response to yesterday’s blog post a reader sent me the link below. It is a thought provoking article on how intelligence agencies need a devil’s advocate to challenge conventional wisdom or the establishment viewpoint. I thought that this is somewhat like employing someone to do the job of crying wolf and having that as […]

Don’t Pursue your Happiness

You must have heard of the story of Yayati. The following is the story as narrated in Wikipedia. In the words of the story, Yayāti enjoys all the pleasures of the senses ‘for a thousand years’ and, by experiencing passion to the full, comes to realise its utter futility, saying: “Know this for certain… not […]

Why is there a mental health crisis in India?

I have my own theory regarding why there is a problem of mental health in India. I suffer from a mental ailment myself and it is not surprising that I should find this subject interesting. From a Google search: WHO also estimates that about 7.5 per cent Indians suffer from some mental disorder and predicts […]