The Cause of Religious Persecutions

A cousin of mine and I were discussing religion. I take spirituality seriously and told him that all religious traditions have produced enlightened mystics. “By their fruits shall you know them”, as the Bible says. My cousin countered by pointing out that there have been many wars fought over religion and millions of innocent people […]

Priorities in Afghanistan

This article will give my views regarding what the priorities of the authorities should be regarding Afghanistan. The authorities include the Taliban, the Northern Alliance and governments of other nations. The first priority is to avoid anarchy in the nation of Afghanistan. There is an Arabic saying that states – A day of anarchy is […]

The Devil’s advocate or crying wolf? You decide

In response to yesterday’s blog post a reader sent me the link below. It is a thought provoking article on how intelligence agencies need a devil’s advocate to challenge conventional wisdom or the establishment viewpoint. I thought that this is somewhat like employing someone to do the job of crying wolf and having that as […]