Are we too sensitive to what people say?

I have had the reputation of a controversial person, maybe even a scoundrel, for a major part of my life. I might have changed but the reputation about me didn’t. Only now, perhaps, are people beginning to treat me with respect (at least in Khar, Mumbai where I live). Believe me it is not too […]

The Arabian Nights and Romantic Movies

I am reading The Arabian Nights after having bought the book more than 10 years ago. And it is a completely different point of view to the modern view of equality of the sexes and in particular, the stories that we see in romantic movies – both Bollywood and Hollywood. I will not address the […]

India’s Test Series win in Australia

This has nothing to do with the main topics I write about in this blog but I can’t resist writing about our test series victory in Australia. The reasons why this victory is special are threefold: firstly, it was an overseas win; next it was against a full-strength Australian team which is one of the […]