These Conceptual Tools help me Stay Sane

I would like to in this article explain some concepts that I have learnt from Spirituality and which I have found not just helpful but also essential and vital to my well being. First concept is that when you are the target of malice and spite it is perfectly ok for you to feel upset. […]

A Clever Way to Enjoy Life

The Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh described Buddhism as being a clever way to enjoy life. Today I was walking up and down in my room trying to steady myself when it suddenly struck me that Thich Nhat Hanh’s encouragement to practice Buddhism was meant for people like me. I have the following qualities which […]

How the Doctrine of Rebirth can comfort Us

I would like to write about how the Doctrine of Rebirth can help us in our spiritual journey and also provide much needed comfort to those of us (including me) who are no longer young and who have their best years behind them. I will start by saying that all religions (with the possible exception […]

About Keeping the Mind Pure

I do work on regularly answering questions and letting people have the benefit of my knowledge (such as it is). While surfing the website I came across an excellent answer to the question: What’s something your spiritual teacher said you always remember? One lady called Parameswari Kumar gave an excellent answer that I would […]