A Revolutionary Philosophical Concept

I have been taking an interest in philosophy, spirituality and meditation for some years now. But only recently in all my reading did I come across a concept which is as revolutionary as it is basic.  The concept is – drumroll please – Self Mortification. The middle class upbringing that most of us have had […]

The Difficulty of being Good

One of the principle tenets of the Bible and Christianity is not resisting evil and turning the other cheek if someone strikes you. Yet how many people – including those who call themselves good Christians – even try to live up to this ideal. It is an impossibly high standard in ethics. The difficulty may […]

Less is More … A Guide to Meditation

I’ll start by telling my story and you can decide whether you have had a similar experience. I love reading and I am committed to meditation. I have a large library of books at home and those include many books on Buddhism and Buddhist meditation practices. I have books by Jack Kornfield, Thich Nhat Hanh, […]

A Possible Solution to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Well I think I have your attention with this headline. I myself do not have a solution to COVID-19 pandemic but I may be able to point you (or the Government) to some people who do. The solution may be available from the enlightened mystics in India or in the Himalayas. Here are the reasons […]

How can we die with the calm dignity of Socrates?

The conventional view about death and dying is that it is a great misfortune and a great suffering. The Buddha mentions death as being a great suffering that no one can avoid and he exhorts us to seek Nirvana so that we can be free of the continued cycle of birth, death, rebirth and suffering. […]