About Keeping the Mind Pure

I do work on quora.com regularly answering questions and letting people have the benefit of my knowledge (such as it is). While surfing the website I came across an excellent answer to the question: What’s something your spiritual teacher said you always remember? One lady called Parameswari Kumar gave an excellent answer that I would […]

More thoughts on my Meditation Practice

This article is a continuation of my previous blog post. Link to that is below Quoting from the article above there is a key passage: Be without preferences or judgments as regards the arisings of the mind. The path is the goal. Respond with equanimity and empathy to the arisings of the mind. Now I […]

On Self Mortification

A close acquaintance of mine responded to my earlier post (https://insightsandexperiences.com/do-good-to-those-who/). Here is her reply. Acquaintance: The first premises here is “forgive those that trespass against you.” It’s there in the Lord’s Prayer and has been a great source of strength and inner peace for me. True it isn’t easy. But once you start consciously […]