The Cause of Religious Persecutions

A cousin of mine and I were discussing religion. I take spirituality seriously and told him that all religious traditions have produced enlightened mystics. “By their fruits shall you know them”, as the Bible says. My cousin countered by pointing out that there have been many wars fought over religion and millions of innocent people […]

Vital Secrets for a Successful Career

Read earlier article that I published on this topic earlier. Better yet get hold of the book from which the concepts of the article were taken. The Conquest of Happiness by Bertrand Russell is a classic of self help. I first read the book when I was around 20 and I still keep a copy […]

Why Chinese Culture was Unique

My aunt in Pune commented on a past article about the Chinese saying that she could not agree and there is much that she does not like about the Chinese nation. So, I am now pinpointing those aspects of the Chinese that fascinate me. The first aspect is that the Chinese accept that the average […]

Learning from Chinese Culture

I would like to write a couple of articles about what I know of Chinese culture. This is the first and I will start saying that in the years gone by there was almost no mental ailments amongst the Chinese people. Mental ailments were so uncommon that persons who had them were worshipped as messengers […]