On the Arnab Arrest Saga

I’ll start by asking you to read this article. The link is below. I liked the article. The author is idealistic and believes in principled journalism. She makes no bones about the fact that she dislikes Arnab’s brand of journalism and her description of her response to Arnab’s arrest is amusing. The author has intellectual […]

Life in Old Age – the View of Socrates

I will soon be counted amongst senior citizens and like most people I am not looking forward to the experience of being old. I think many of my family and acquaintances will be of a similar age and will find the following passage of The Republic by Plato interesting and instructive. It is about being […]

How can we die with the calm dignity of Socrates?

The conventional view about death and dying is that it is a great misfortune and a great suffering. The Buddha mentions death as being a great suffering that no one can avoid and he exhorts us to seek Nirvana so that we can be free of the continued cycle of birth, death, rebirth and suffering. […]

The Essential Principle of Life according to Socrates

This article will be about two of the most essential general principles to live by. I can do no better than to quote the philosopher, Paul Brunton, in his own words. The following passage is taken from his book The Secret Path. I would have liked to live in Athens at the time when one […]