Want to be a Genius like Einstein? Here’s how …

I am not sure if this is widely known but it is possible to train oneself to become a genius in any field through Eastern Meditation practices. Here is a story illustrating this point:

A herdsman in a village used to take his herd of cows to graze in the fields daily. He used to rest under a tree during the day while the cattle grazed and then take them back to the village in the evening. He noticed a monk in the area who appeared to be doing nothing except sit under a tree all day long. Gathering up his courage he approached the monk and spoke to him.

“What do you do sitting here all day long?”

“I meditate. It is a path to attain God,” the monk replied.

“Could you teach me to meditate? I would also like to try,” the herdsman asked.

Out of compassion for the youth the monk explained a method of meditation and asked him to practice it for three days and then report back.

The cowherd tried the method for 3 days but was completely unable to concentrate. The monk explained another method and the youth tried again. But again after 3 days he went back to the monk to report failure.

The monk tried many methods but nothing worked. Finally one day the monk asked, “Tell me whom you love the most.”

The youth replied, “My most beautiful bull, Heera. He is the king of my herd.”

“Meditate on Heera then,” the monk said, “and report back in 3 days.”

The herdsman did as instructed. Three days passed and then another three and he did not report back to the monk. Finally the monk grew concerned and went to the cave in which the youth was meditating to find out what was wrong.

“Who is this,” a voice asked from inside.

The monk replied, “Are you okay? How is your meditation”

“I am great. I can’t stop meditating. I feel like I am Heera.”

“Come outside and tell me about it,” the monk said.

“I can’t,” the cowherd shouted. “My horns keep getting stuck in the narrow entrance of the cave.”

The basic point is that when you contemplate something long enough and with intensity you start to acquire the properties of the object of your contemplation.

You can do this contemplation exercise on whichever person or object you admire. A budding businessman can contemplate Bill Gates, a prospective scientist can think of Einstein and so on. Read biographies and other books written on these masters and make what you read the object of your contemplation.

As to step by step instructions on how to do this contemplative practice, you will find them in the following two books-

  1. A Million Thoughts by Om Swami. The instructions are in chapter 4 (in the section on contemplative meditation.
  2. The second book is the all time classic, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The instructions are in chapter 10 (The Power of the Mastermind).

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