Don’t Pursue your Happiness

You must have heard of the story of Yayati. The following is the story as narrated in Wikipedia. In the words of the story, Yayāti enjoys all the pleasures of the senses ‘for a thousand years’ and, by experiencing passion to the full, comes to realise its utter futility, saying: “Know this for certain… not […]

The Difficulty of being Good

One of the principle tenets of the Bible and Christianity is not resisting evil and turning the other cheek if someone strikes you. Yet how many people – including those who call themselves good Christians – even try to live up to this ideal. It is an impossibly high standard in ethics. The difficulty may […]

What the Mahabharata demands of our Rulers

It’s election season now and I happened to read the rhetorical questions the sage Narada asked of Yudhishthira in the Mahabharata stating the requirements of a righteous ruler. Yudhishthira of course met all these requirements but I don’t think too many of our politicians do. But maybe given time we can – as an educated […]