Another day, Another Article

This is another article that I am writing because I have to update my blog on a weekly basis. I have not thought of anything beforehand that I thought was worthwhile for me to write about.

I am just typing out my thoughts as I am thinking them just now. I’ll start with saying that this is a common problem to all writers and bloggers. All of us are faced with a blank page and ever so often we cannot think of anything to write.

The only solution is start and continue until you have the required number of words written out. Then comes the editing. Ernst Hemingway is credited with saying – The first draft of anything is s**t. Pardon the language.

But editing is something I almost never do. I suppose that can be pardoned in a part time blogger who treats his blogging as hobby. If I start treating my blogging as a paid vocation then I might take editing more seriously.

I thought of linking this blog to some of my Quora answers and letting that be my article for this week. Come to think of it that is a good idea. But instead of linking to any specific answer I will link to my profile. You can choose from there which question interests you and read what you like. So here’s the link:

I have 585 answers as of this moment. Just click on the relevant link below my photo.

One of my recent answers was about just this problem that I am facing now – what do I write about. One person wanted to write a self-help books and wanted some tips. I said that he should first try to implement the advice he wants to give others first. Test and experiment with the advice that he wants to give others. Then he will have something to write about that he has learnt from hard experience and what he writes will be worthwhile.

I picked up these concepts from the book – Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson. It isworth reading even if you are not interested in Internet Marketing. It is also available at a very reasonable price at Amazon Kindle. Take a look.

I am also thinking of the advice I gave in my previous article. I quoted Bertrand Russell’s book on public opinion. Here is the relevant section again:

Blake, like Emily Bronte, lived in extreme mental isolation, but like her was great enough to overcome its bad effects, since he never doubted that he was right and his critics wrong. His attitude towards public opinion is expressed in the following lines:

The only man I ever knew
Who did not make me almost spew
Was Fuseli: he was both Turk and Jew.
And so, dear Christian friends, how do you do?

This is excellent advice for William Blake because he was a writer and a poet. But if you are a lawyer, an accountant or a doctor then getting the general public to have a good opinion of you is a necessary part of your vocation. You cannot take the liberties that Blake could do because if you are thought to be a scoundrel then you will not get any work. Also Blake – in addition to being a poet who was writing for eternity – lived in England. People are much more independent and tolerant in those countries as compared to India where society is more close knit and family relations are important.

Bertrand Russell spoke in one of his books about two types of societies – the synthetic society and the analytic society. I do not remember which book it was and what I actually read but analytic societies (like in the west) are more tolerant than synthetic societies like in India.

So don’t take the advice I gave in my previous article blindly.

I’ll end here. Please explore this site for more articles on Self Help, Politics and Spirituality. Please comment on the articles if you liked them or even if you didn’t. Feedback from my readers keeps me going.

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