In Defence of being Offensive

I shared a link from the Quora website on WhatsApp and created a bit of a stir. Here is the link. Read it before you proceed further:

A couple of my associates messaged saying that they supported free speech and talked about how free speech was being affected by the present dispensation. I took the fact that they were discussing free speech as a hint that they were mildly offended by the directness and language of the Quora answer. Finally another associate flat out said that he saw no reason to be ashamed of his country.

But the link above is not about being ashamed of India. Here is my response to their messages:

The main takeaway I got from the link I shared is not that we should be ashamed of our country but that the state owes a duty to its citizens.

Bertrand Russell said that the principle function of the state is to serve as protection from internal criminals and external enemies.

I can’t complain about external security but the civil and criminal justice system is broken and needs to be fixed

Unless that is done we will see our best young talent leaving India because they don’t feel safe (another point of the link I shared)

As to what grievance I have against the system please see the link below

Following that I got another message pasted below:

My Associate: I read your article, and here are couple of points.

You said in the article, ‘ordinary citizens were encouraged to act not only as policemen but also as judge, jury and executioner when they see a crime being committed.’

Now, it’s not that the government is abdicating its responsibilities, and asking people to become vigilantes. But the fact is that the police cannot be everywhere all the time. So, in the absence of the police, the law gives you the right to defend yourself or defend others who are unable to defend themselves. This is covered in Sections 96 to 106 IPC. But the main caveat here is…at the time of the crime being committed. It does not allow you to go hunting a criminal after the crime is committed or as revenge.

The US goes even further, and has a concept of bounty hunters where they allow civilians to hunt down criminals even after the crime has been committed. This started in the wild west days and continues even today in some states.

My response:

Me: The bounty hunter concept will not work in India. Please see link below

As to the other point you raised, I agree that the sentence you quoted from my blog was poorly drafted.

But the caveat you mentioned applies to my case also. Citizens are not allowed to go hunting a criminal after the crime is committed or as revenge

I think I was able to get my point of view across to my friends and associates. I hope to do the same with you.

This blog article has been pretty much a cut and paste job. Lucky me.

If you would like to learn self-defence get in touch with me. I’ll put you in touch with my associate who is a martial arts instructor (Krav Maga) with worldwide connections. That’s how he knows the law relating to self-defence.

I hope you liked my article. Please share it on WA, FB and Twitter and let me have your comments. Feedback from my readers keeps me going.

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